P-Wave Scentaura aroma diffuser

16th of December 2019
P-Wave Scentaura aroma diffuser

P-Wave has launched a new fragrance diffuser range under its recently created PW-Aroma brand - Scentaura.

Scentaura and Scentaura BT units have three scent diffusion levels, delivering coverage up to 200 cubic metres. The standard Scentaura unit is controlled via a panel below the front cover, while the Scentaura BT adds bluetooth control and advanced programming via a smartphone or tablet.

Available in black or white, the Scentaura and Scentaura BT fragrance diffusers can be mounted on walls or flat surfaces. The 50 ml Aroma cartridges are effective for up to 90 days.

Completing the range is the Scentaura Max 1200 which has coverage of up to 1200 cubic metres. Available in three colours (white, claret and black) and two sizes, 630 mm tall and 420 mm tall, this unit features a digital display with 24-hour operation. It includes fully adjustable start/stop, diffusion and stand-by intervals as well as a weekend on/off function.



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