Provide safe disinfection

24th of June 2020
Provide safe disinfection

Hygiene has always been important within the working environment. Now-adays with COVID-19 it has become an absolute must. Various hygiene measures can ensure that you minimize the health risks for you, your employees and your visitors.

Fortunately, disinfection has already become a daily routine for many people. You can make it easy for everyone in your own building with the unique disinfection column developed by Lune. This multifunctional column has a modular structure, you are able to add various options and functionalities to it, such as a poster holder, display, tissue dispenser, waste bin, coat rack and even company logo and matching RAL colour. This allows you to perfectly match the overall design to your corporate identity.

Robust and circular

The disinfection column has a particularly robust and durable construction and is produced in the Netherlands. The frame is made of powder-coated steel and can take a beating. All parts of the column are 100% recyclable and adaptable to new functions, making the column immediately future-proof. No wonder, because Lune has had a strong reputation for years when it comes to adjusting, refurbishing, reusing its products and parts according to the principle of the circular economy.

Maximal hygiene
This is made possible by the special 80% disinfectant liquid in the dispenser. Under the dispenser is a stainless steel drip tray, which you can easily take out and clean. The powder coating makes the entire column very easy to clean as well.


Our Partners

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