Now even roofs can be cleaned from the ground

12th of May 2022
Now even roofs can be cleaned from the ground

The launch of the water-fed pole has made it possible to clean most windows from the ground. And if a building is particularly high, then an abseil, scaffold or cradle system might be required.

But what about the humble roof? Is it simply supposed to stay dirty? Not any longer, says Ionic Systems' managing director Reuben Reynolds.

"We launched our new Roof Wand at Interclean this week," he said. "It makes the roof cleaning task a whole lot easier. And we've had a lot of interest from shopping centres which often have angled roof canopies."

The Roof Wand was actually devised on the back of another Ionic innovation. "We came up with a soft-washing system for removing moss, lichen and other organic growth from conservatories and facades," said Reynolds. "But we then discovered that people were climbing on to roofs and using it there.

"We put our heads in our hands and went: ‘Oh, no!'. And then we designed the Roof Wand."

The patent-protected product consists of 10 poles - three telescopic ones and seven quick-release carbon fibre poles - giving a total possible length of 20m.

A Mast Trolley provides support for the wand and houses the 70 litre water tank. And water is delivered at pressures of 3,000 psi at 21 litres per minute.

"The Mast Trolley takes the weight of the pole and you can then use a remote control to move it up and down and left and right," said Reynolds. "We think the Roof Wand has a lot of potential - not only on roofs, but also for applications such as aircraft cleaning because it gives the operator access from above."



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