Leafield's Envirocup XL makes coffee cup recycling viable

28th of September 2018
Leafield's Envirocup XL makes coffee cup recycling viable

Leafield says its Envirocup XL cup bin is helping to make the recycling of single use paper coffee cups economical.

The challenge is in getting users of these cups to recycle them thoughtfully and to find an economical way to collect and transport the empty cups to the recycler. And empty coffee cups are bulky.

The Envirocup XL bin has an internal fitting that nests the cups in much the same way as when they were delivered new, one inside the next. This means 500 cups can fit in a standard waste sack and 6,000 will fit into an external 1,100 litre bin which can be lifted for the same cost as previously.

Dregs and waste liquid are poured into a central liquid reservoir before the cups are inserted through one of six apertures in the bin lid to become nested. Also available are Enviropods, which can be attached for the segregation of lids and sleeves.



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