Is your robot watching you?

12th of May 2022
Is your robot watching you?

It's an unsettling thought, but robotic security is a topic being directly addressed by Adlatus with its new SR1300 vacuum sweeping robot system.

"Most robots have cameras that see everything," says international sales manager Bart Streefkerk. "For example, if it is cleaning in a bank it will see what the staff members do, and in a big brand company it will record when the security vans arrive. It could even spy on people having an affair in the office - and this data could then potentially be hacked."

Adlatus uses a Trusted Robot platform to ensure that its machines are safe in operation and that all data is protected.

"We use a lidar system plus a 3D camera that sees everything in pixels," explains Streefkerk. "This means our robots can't actually see anything - and nothing is stored in any case."

The machine has no need for a continuous internet connection or links to a WLAN network, which means the risk of security breaches is virtually zero, according to Streefkerk.

The company's Trusted Robot platform also extends to machine safety. "We use interacting sensors to achieve enhanced navigation stability and optimum collision avoidance," he said.

All this, and the machine keeps schtum about your office affair. What a robot.



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