Guarany Backpack Power Nebuliser

6th of October 2020
Guarany Backpack Power Nebuliser

PSP has added the Guarany Backpack Power Nebuliser to its fogging and misting equipment range. Powered by a petrol motor, it produces a plume of fog which has a horizontal spray reach of up to 18 metres and a vertical reach of up to 12 metres. It can also be fitted with a variety of metering tips and nozzles which allow for liquid flow rates of between 200 ml and 2.5 litres per minute.

The nebuliser produces a wet fog of small droplets of between 10 and 40 microns, meaning it treats pathogens in the air and on surfaces. Wet fogs also disperse quickly, meaning premises can be entered in 30 minutes after using the equipment without harm to non-PPE wearing employees.


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