Eco duct cleaning from Neovision

28th of June 2012
Eco duct cleaning from Neovision

Jetty is a robot that cleans and inspects air conditioning ducts, kitchen and industrial air vents. Developed by Neovision it uses dry ice blasting, an ecological method that cleans surfaces gently without causing damage.

The robot's body is positioned in the centre of the duct to allow maximum nozzle efficiency. The rotation velocity of the nozzle and the robot's speed can be adjusted according to the level of contamination.

The cleaning medium is sprayed from the nozzle at -78°C - it rapidly supercools the surface and causes so-called thermal shock. Dirt is released because of the differences in tension between the contamination and the underlying surface.

Jetty can pass through and clean circular, rectangular, square and S-shaped ducts. It can clean horizontal, vertical or sloping ducting. The operator controls the robot using the control panel that also allows video recordings to be saved.

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