EarthSafe prevents infection with universal cleaner/disinfectant

23rd of December 2019

With the launch of its PUR:ONE universal cleaner/disinfectant EarthSafe says its EvaClean Infection Prevention System is eliminating the need for multiple chemicals.

The EvaClean Infection Prevention System, the company says, uses electrostatic sprayer technologies to cover three times the area in 80 per cent less time, a “drop and go” sanitising/disinfection chemistry.

PUR:ONE is a one-step cleaning and disinfection solution for high-touch surfaces and floors. It comes as a pre-measured tablet concentrate and is designed to work with existing microfibre cleaning methods, as well as dry wipes and spray bottles. It can also be mixed on-the-go at a cleaning trolley for floor disinfection using microfibre mop heads.


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