Denis Rawlins Quantum Air Steriliser

6th of June 2022
Denis Rawlins Quantum Air Steriliser

Denis Rawlins has developed its first air sterilisation system, the Rawlins Quantum Air Steriliser. This uses Quantum Active Field Technology to destroy bacteria, viruses and odours.

A single unit can sterilise up to 900 cubic metres of air, with 15 air changes, every hour.

The Quantum AFT 60 is a surface-mounted commercial air sterilisation system, suitable for laboratory, hospital and food manufacturing environments. It is also now available for office, retail, transport and education sectors.

And the Quantum AFT 60/90 is a ceiling-mounted unit for use in laboratories, medical facilities, conference facilities and open plan offices that have been fitted with flat, false or suspended ceilings.

The units are easily fitted and only require an annual service, says Denis Rawlins.


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