Jetty robots for air duct cleaning

24th of June 2013
Jetty robots for air duct cleaning

The Jetty robot for cleaning of air conditioning ducting, industrial and kitchen air vents is now available in two new models - says manufacturer Neovision. Customers can now choose the number of traction units they have according to application.

The Jetty range includes three, four and the original six leg trig model and offers an entry level model at a competitive price.

The robot centres and stabilises in the duct or pipe then delivers a pressurised stream of dry ice - it detaches contamination from the inner surface and this is then carried away by the airflow within the ducting.

There is no need for chemical agents and no secondary clean-up is required. It is also unnecessary to take down ducting for cleaning because Jetty is inserted directly into the duct and the operator has full control via the HD camera, remote controls and custom-built software.


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