European Cleaning Machines Recycling (ECMR) tackles recycling

14th of March 2013
European Cleaning Machines Recycling (ECMR) tackles recycling

Launched last year, the European Cleaning Machines Recycling (ECMR) operation seeks to tackle the issue of cleaning machines that are no longer wanted. It is working with a number of industry manufacturers to advance sustainability and recycling to a higher level.

ECMR says the used machines market is now confused, as besides the proper channels units are being sold on the internet by unknown parties. Older machines are being kept operational for longer in order to cut costs, which means less scope for new technologies, cleaner and more energy conscious solutions.

The company seeks to offer a trusted solution and enable new technologies to be introduced, if possible using materials from previous machines.

In terms of how it works, machines and parts are picked up and transported to the facility in the Netherlands. After registration they are put into storage awaiting disassembly, which a group of mechanics does.

Partners then log into an online system to follow the progress of the machines they have disposed of, and certificates can be issued. This guarantees the machine is no longer on the market and materials end up in the right hands.

ECMR is currently focusing its efforts on the Benelux region but aims to become active in the rest of Europe. It is seeking more partners to register for the programme.

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