Easy-to-understand scrubbers from Columbus

8th of March 2012
Easy-to-understand scrubbers from Columbus

New from Columbus are two new 60-litre scrubber dryers whose functions have been designed to be understood intuitively by the operator.

The RA 55IBM 60 and the RA 66IBM 60 are suitable for multipurpose use on medium-sized and large surfaces. Both operate at a low noise level of 61 dB(A), and in the silent versions are even quieter at 58 dB(A).

For optimum worker safety, the machines offer good all-round visibility, an ergonomic and adjustable control handle and a clearly arranged operator panel.

The RA 66IBM 60 also features a pick-up and drop-off system that allows accessories to be attached or ejected at the push of a button.

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