Cleanfix scrubbers feature dosing system

8th of March 2012
Cleanfix scrubbers feature dosing system

The newest scrubber dryers from Cleanfix feature the optional Cleanfix Advanced Dosing System (CADS), which boasts savings in chemical use of up to 50 per cent.

CADS ensures the correct amount of detergent is added to fresh water - the operator simply sets the required concentration of chemicals and connects the canister. Chemical precipitation in the fresh water tank is a thing of the past, and chemicals can be changed quickly. CADS is an option for the models RA 505 IBCT and RA 605 IBCT.

Those machines also feature automatic speed-dependent regulation of cleaning solutions. This means that when the operator moves more slowly around a bend, less cleaning solution is automatically supplied. This uses less water and chemicals, plus the number of tank refilling stops is minimised.

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