Visitors to ISSA/Interclean demonstrate their artistic side

7th of May 2014
Visitors to ISSA/Interclean demonstrate their artistic side

ISSA/Interclean visitors have been invited to take time out at this year's show to demonstrate their prowess with a paintbrush.

Three art stations have been set up around the RAI and visitors are encouraged to break off from the endless round of meeting and greeting to enjoy an artistic interlude.

"It is to mark the 25th anniversary of ISSA/Interclean," said artist Jennifer Evenhuis at the "impressionist" station. "We are asking people to come up and paint their impressions of the show on a blank canvas. Besides my stand there's also a surrealist station and a third where more realistic paintings are being created."

It was 2pm on the first day of the event and Evenhuis had already persuaded 25 visitors to paint on her giant canvas. Illustrations reflecting people's impressions of the show included flowers, houses, trees - and even a few company names from the more cynical 'artists'.

"A lot of people were afraid to try at first, but I think many of them surprised themselves," said Evenhuis. One of those who did so was Walid Ragab Ali, an environmental protection department manager from Mopco who rather predictably painted a tree.

"I enjoyed painting my picture," he said happily.




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