UV device will rid objects and surfaces of bacteria

29th of January 2013
UV device will rid objects and surfaces of bacteria

New to the market from a Japanese manufacturer is a wand-like device designed to quickly remove harmful bacteria from a range of household objects and electronic devices.

The Influsaber from J-Force uses UV light which is said to penetrate the outer walls of viruses and bacteria, altering their genetic structure and killing them.

The device can be used on a variety of frequently-touched household objects including beds, desks, telephones, tablets, keyboards and other electronic gadgets.

The Influsaber, which is powered by four AA batteries, comes in the form of a 14.5″ "wand". It has an LCD screen which displays the amount of time for which the light has been set to shine.

The light itself can be made to operate for up to three hours but most germs are usually killed within around 90 seconds, according to the manufacturers.

The four-watt UV bulb lasts for up to 8,000 hours but for safety reasons the power to the bulb cuts out automatically if the wand deviates from its standard face-down position. And for added safety, a pair of tinted UV-blocking sunglasses are included with the device to protect the user from any harmful reflections.



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