US survey looks at workplace washroom hygiene

8th of October 2013
US survey looks at workplace washroom hygiene

A national survey in the USA has highlighted that that 93 percent of Americans believe the condition of a workplace washroom is an indicator of how a company values its workforce.

Many employers are meeting expectations, as 61 per cent of employees rate their workplace washroom as excellent or very good. Just six per cent say they have a poor or terrible work restroom.

On the other hand, 41 per cent of employees have experienced washroom troubles. Toilets that are clogged or not flushed; really bad smells; and towel and soap dispensers that are empty, jammed or don't dispense enough are the most common complaints.

The findings are part of the fifth annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey conducted by Bradley Corporation, a manufacturer of commercial handwashing products. Another workplace insight is that good hand hygiene seems to be important to employees. Just eight per cent of workers say they frequently see people leave the washroom without washing their hands.

That compares to the national results that show 31 per cent of Americans frequently see people who skip hand washing in a public toilet.


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