UK budget heralds cut in business rates for public toilets

12th of November 2018
UK budget heralds cut in business rates for public toilets

The provision of public toilets across the UK could soon be improved following an announcement in the nation's recent budget.

Chancellor Philip Hammond declared that owners of washroom facilities will no longer be required to pay business rates. The new ruling will apply to all standalone facilities for public use whether these are publicly or privately owned.

Public toilets have traditionally been liable for business rates in the same way as other non-domestic premises such as shops and offices. Local authorities are not legally required to provide toilets, and as a result such facilities are often closed down by councils when keen to cut costs.

Public toilet provision in the UK has been declining for a number of years. The British Toilet Association estimates that 40 per cent of public washrooms have disappeared in the past decade. UK councils stopped maintaining around 13 per cent of all public toilets between 2010 and 2018 and there are believed to be 37 areas across the UK where there are no council-run washroom facilities whatsoever.



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