Toilet training posters for university students

7th of March 2012
Toilet training posters for university students

University students at a campus in the UK are being given toilet training after complaints about the state of the washrooms on their campus.

Bosses at Swansea University have put up signs instructing students how to use the toilets properly after some were found in a mess. They show images of both the correct and incorrect methods of use. "Cultural differences" in the ways toilets are used by foreign students are being blamed for the state of the washrooms.

A university spokeswoman said: "The posters were produced to help address cultural differences that were unfortunately causing damage and hygiene issues.

"Swansea University is a multi-cultural campus community and the informational posters were produced for use in both male and female facilities."

The posters have sparked outrage around the campus among students. One said: "We all needed good A-levels to get into university, yet they don't think we know how to use a toilet? It's ridiculous and quite belittling."

Another commented: "Most of us found the posters quite funny until we realised it wasn't meant as a joke."



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