‘There’s no toilet roll, please send help’

13th of January 2015
‘There’s no toilet roll, please send help’

An embarrassed teenager was rescued after running out of toilet tissue on board a Virgin long distance train in the UK - thanks to Twitter!

Social networking now seems to provide an answer to every problem and it certainly proved to be the case for 16-year-old Adam Greenwood, who was saved just in time on the 19.30 Euston to Glasgow train last month.

After reaching out for the toilet roll, to his horror Greenwood realised it hadn't been replaced, and so he decided to Tweet his despair to his followers, while copying in the Virgin Trains account.

Within two minutes Virgin had responded by asking the troubled teenager which carriage he was in. And once his location had been established, a Virgin employee replied to let Greenwood know someone would come to his aid soon.

Sure enough, there was a polite knock on the door a few minutes later and a man wearing a black suit handed an embarrassed Greenwood some toilet tissue.

Greenwood said after the incident: "As soon as I saw the was no paper - I instantly thought, let's Tweet about it and make people laugh. Then I sort of realised - oh no - there actually is no paper."

A spokesperson for Virgin Trains said they were happy to help Greenwood "finish what he had started".


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