The woman who has a phobia of toilets

7th of November 2012
The woman who has a phobia of toilets

A woman from Wales is so scared of toilets she flees when one is flushed -fearing she will be swallowed up after developing a phobia in childhood.

Ney Decino, 20, has an irrational fear of toilets and struggles to go to the bathroom without a family member to flush for her. Her phobia is so bad she must work close to home so she can use the only toilet she feels safe on.

Decino has been scared of using toilets since the age of four when she saw a talking toilet in 1990s Hollywood film Look Who's Talking Too.

In the film the character The Toilet Man, screams he wants the child's urine while posing with big eyes, sharp fangs and a creepy voice which has stuck in Ney's head ever since.
She has set up a Facebook group to help fellow sufferers and admits her phobia is silly, but cannot escape from the power it holds over her life.



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