The luxury toilet paper that retails at €862

5th of January 2016
The luxury toilet paper that retails at €862

A cleansing, moisturising toilet tissue system that comes with its own holder is being sold for €862 by a Swiss luxury firm.

The paper is made from virgin new-growth fibres treated with glacier water from a Swiss mountain spring. It comes supplied with a cleanser and moisturiser to be sprayed on to each sheet before use. Also supplied is a bespoke holder designed by award-winning designer Bagno Sasso Mobili.

The paper is laid out flat instead of wound in a roll and the company describes each sheet as "a multi-layered microcosm of form and function".

Manufacturer Joseph's Toiletries claims the Standard from its Josephier range is worth the high price tag because "perfect hygiene starts from the bottom up".

Companies around the world have been vying with each other over recent years to create the world's most expensive loo paper. In 2013, Japanese manufacturer Hanebisho launched an £11 roll made from fine Canadian wood fibre pulp treated with water from Japan's cleanest river.

This was significantly eclipsed the same year by Australian company Toilet Paper Man which introduced an £825,000 three-ply toilet roll infused with 22-carat gold flakes. Designed to complement bathrooms with gold-plated handles and taps, the roll was delivered with a "free" bottle of champagne.



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