Suicide bodies ‘stored in London Underground cleaning cupboards'

20th of February 2012
Suicide bodies ‘stored in London Underground cleaning cupboards'

People who commit suicide by jumping in front of a London Underground train may be stored in cleaning cupboards after their death, a report has revealed.

Alternatively the bodies may be kept in store rooms or industrial bins, transport staff have claimed.

The revelations were made on Confessions from The Underground, a TV documentary made for the UK's Channel 4. Speaking on the programme anonymously one staff member said: "London Ambulance services have limited resources and a few years back they stopped taking anybody who's deceased into their ambulances back to hospitals.

"Sometimes there's a delay - it might be half an hour, maybe even two hours - and then we're left with a body on the platform and disturbingly for us we have to find a place to put it.

"Unfortunately we had to use, at Stratford, a bin store outside in the car park - you know the big, massive, industrial bins. Putting someone's body in there, not in the bin, in with the bins, it's not really respectful." The staff member said otherwise the station would have to be closed until a coroner arrived, causing huge delays.

Another worker added: "We've even heard of situations where cleaners come down to get a mop or a bucket or whatever and there's some poor unfortunate person's body in there." One female worker reportedly said that many staff refused to go in a cupboard that had been used to store the bodies.

Around 50 people a year kill themselves on the London Underground.

According to a spokesman: "Following agreed procedures a body may be moved to a secure room within the station to await collection by undertakers. We believe our staff do a fantastic job in responding to such difficult circumstances, and they are offered counselling support if necessary."



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