Spanish project offers cleaning employment opportunities to mental health sufferers

14th of January 2016
Spanish project offers cleaning employment opportunities to mental health sufferers

A social programme in the south of Spain is offering people with mental health issues the opportunity to find employment within the cleaning sector.

INICIA is the name of the project by ADIEM, an association for the protection of the rights of people with mental health issues. For 20 years it has managed home visits, supervised dwellings, rehabilitation and social integration centres, home-help services, etc.

One of the association's initiatives is the Inicia Special Employment Centre in the province of Alicante, which aims to enable those with mental health issues to find employment and become integrated into local companies. One of the services it offers is professional cleaning.

There are currently eight operatives working in the cleaning programme, with plans to add more recruits. The team offers quality services to local companies or public bodies - all employees undergo thorough skills training and tutoring in order to prepare them for the workplace, along with regular monitoring and social mentoring.

The objective of the Inicia Special Employment Centre is to enable disadvantaged people to achieve their goals in a supportive environment. And last year it was accepted as a community support project in the 2014 La Caixa Social Programme.

Vanesa Ruiz Soler, who runs the project, comments: "In my daily work with my team it is so exciting that each time a new person joins us I can see the special sparkle in their eyes, to really sense the benefit this brings for the life of that person and, little by little, to be able to offer greater opportunities and improvement.

"It is motivating to see the change which occurs in that person as the days go by, and it is then you come to hugely value the intangible. And it is when you come to realise the need for there to be a place for them and their life plan in every company, like for everyone else."

The project now needs help from companies and institutions in order to continue its work. To get in touch:



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