Spanish cleaning sector crisis could continue until 2016

2nd of June 2014
Spanish cleaning sector crisis could continue until 2016

The Spanish Professional Association of Cleaning Companies (ASPEL) has warned that the country's cleaning sector is still in crisis and will continue in recession for the next two years.

Its president, Juan Díez de los Ríos, commented: "We understand that analysts in general say the country is recovering, however none of the indicators point to the cleaning sector, one of the last to go into crisis, not continuing to bring up the rear in the coming months."

The current market trend continues to show a fall in volume, he said, with a "drastic" reduction in contracts and services from public and private sector clients. "Never before has such a prolonged relentless situation been seen", Díez de los Ríos  added.

He also noted that cleaning companies are facing difficulties in accessing credit, plus an increase in taxation  - in fact he called for a reduction in company labour and taxation costs.


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