Six-week Glastonbury clean-up begins

8th of July 2013
Six-week Glastonbury clean-up begins

As Glastonbury festival-goers packed up their tents last week they were literally wading through litter. But spare a thought for those responsible for cleaning up the UK site - home to one of the world's largest music festivals - and getting it back to a fully functioning farm.

It will take six weeks for 1,300 recycling volunteers to pick up the discarded bottles, cans and packets left in the 900 acre site.

Here are some of the numbers:

5,487 toilets to take away.

15,000 oil drum bins to be emptied.

160 skips on the site to be emptied.

918,000 euros estimated cost of disposing all the rubbish left at the festival.

Roughly 6,500 sleeping bags, 9,500 roll mats, 3,500 air beds and 400 gazebos were abandoned in 2009.

863.32 tonnes of waste was recycled in 2008, including: 193.98 tonnes of composed organic waste; 40 tonnes of chipped wood; 54 tonnes of cans and plastic bottles; 41 tonnes of cardboard.



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