Self-cleaning toilets to be developed in Singapore

30th of August 2019
Self-cleaning toilets to be developed in Singapore

In Singapore, there may soon be self-cleaning toilet cubicles at hawker centres as part of the push to drive innovation and improve productivity.

A hawker centre is a complex housing a variety of stalls selling inexpensive food.The project involves retrofitting existing cubicles with features to automatically clean the toilet bowl, walls and floor at scheduled intervals, said the National Environment Agency (NEA).

For example, a mechanism will be able to open and close the toilet bowl lid on its own, rinse the toilet bowl and seat, as well as blow-dry the seat.

Cleaning agent and water will be sprayed to wash the cubicle wall, and the floor will be flushed with pressurised water to push any soil or rubbish to the floor trap.

"This gives the cleaners more time to perform other tasks such as replenishing the consumables and touch-up or spot cleaning," the agency added.

The project will be developed by Red Dot Robotics and the technology will go on trial for three months at a hawker centre.


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