Self-cleaning solution for schools

9th of January 2014
Self-cleaning solution for schools

Self-cleaning pads that are claimed to continuously kill bacteria, viruses and fungi on everyday surfaces are being used in US schools to help prevent infections.

NanoSeptic self-cleaning pads from NanoTouch Materials are also said to be suitable for use in the hospitality and food service sectors.

NanoSeptic products include peel-and-stick skins and wraps for touch points such as door push-pads, push-bars and handles. The company also makes portable products such as counter mats, snack mats, desk mats and mouse pads. A disposable NanoSeptic iPad sleeve -a self-cleaning wrap for shared iPads commonly used in classrooms - is also in the pipeline.

"The NanoSeptic surface is always on, which is particularly important when dealing with sensitive populations such as children," said NanoTouch co-founder Dennis Hackemeyer. His partner Mark Sisson adds that the product is replacing hand sanitisers in some schools.

"One school that uses NanoSeptic products recently removed alcohol-based hand sanitisers because students were setting them on fire," said Sisson. "NanoTouch helped to fill that void.

"Schools will continue to use one-time kill products such as disinfectants, but NanoTouch enhances their cleaning efforts by working to eliminate even hard-to-kill microbes such as MRSA and C. Diff."

According to the company's founders, some schools are raising funds by selling snack mats and travel mats to tie in with the cold and flu season. And beyond the education sector, NanoTouch Materials is also supplying the hospitality, travel, and food service industries with travel mats, place mats, desk mats, TV channel guides, menus and menu covers.



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