Self-cleaning kitchens of the future

31st of October 2013
Self-cleaning kitchens of the future

Kitchen surfaces in 50 years time will be self-cleaning, according to a report carried out on behalf of appliance company Miele.

The report, compiled by forecasting agency Trendstop, claims that kitchens of the future will have walls and furniture with fewer corners to promote cleanliness.

And intelligent surfaces will "recognise" when a food item has been dropped on them, with non-hazardous items automatically being assimilated and recycled as plant food.

These predictions were made in a report launched to coincide with Miele's 50th anniversary in the UK. It was unveiled at the recent London Design Festival exhibition where Miele partnered with chef Ben Spalding to present a 2063 Dining experience. Based on the Trendstop study, dishes served at the event included insect and bean-paste dumplings, 30-ingredient salad and root vegetables cooked in sweet yoghurt and spices.

The study also predicted that cutlery and crockery will incorporate in-built self-cleaning technology by 2063 which means that only one place setting will be required per person.

Other predictions include that vegetables for domestic consumption will be grown in decorative "food walls" in our kitchens and gardens; that food packaging will be edible and will be eaten along with its contents, and that "holographic dining" will take place so that friends and family from around the world can be virtually projected around our dinner tables.




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