Sealed Air partners with WHO in fight against hospital infection

11th of July 2012
Sealed Air partners with WHO in fight against hospital infection

Sealed Air Corporation in the USA, which owns the Diversey business, is taking part in the World Health Organisation's (WHO) Private Organisations for Patient Safety (POPS) platform.

This online platform aims to improve the implementation of WHO recommendations and reduce healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) by allowing WHO participating companies to share information. As a participant of POPS, Sealed Air will collaborate in the alignment of promotional messages for hand hygiene products with WHO recommendations, continue to enhance the quality of hand hygiene products, and encourage product availability and accessibility in all parts of the world.

"Cleanliness is essential to limiting the spread of infection within a healthcare institution," said Pedro Chidichimo, Diversey business unit leader at Sealed Air. "To give patients the best care possible, healthcare providers must be equipped with proper knowledge about HCAIs and solutions for keeping themselves and their patients safe at all times."

"We are dedicated to helping customers reduce HCAIs and believe that this collaboration will provide healthcare institutions with actionable information on hygiene which will ultimately result in improved healthcare."

According to WHO, of every 100 hospitalised patients, at least seven in developed and 10 in developing countries will acquire a HCAI. To reduce the risk of HCAIs, WHO recommends specific hand hygiene methods involving soap and water or an alcohol-based formula.


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