Sealed Air Diversey Care wins the ISSA/INTERCLEAN AMSTERDAM Innovation Award 2016

10th of May 2016
Sealed Air Diversey Care wins the ISSA/INTERCLEAN AMSTERDAM Innovation Award 2016

The overall winner of the ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam Innovation Award 2016 is Sealed Air Diversey Care, for its Suma Revoflow product featuring Augmented Reality.

The jury decided to give the overall winner prize to an exciting and inspiring technology that has not been seen in the professional cleaning sector before and it brings with it many opportunities and possibilities. With the use of Augmented Reality, the jury said, facilities managers can perhaps go some way to tackling a number of the problems associated with the industry's high employee turnover - which include training, knowledge transfer, development of skills and reduction of errors.

Augmented Reality can be used on mobile phones and tablets to self-train, self-troubleshoot and get remote support directly from Diversey Care. This brings many benefits in terms of reduced downtime, more skilled employees and cost-efficiency. And it has so many other potential applications for the future.

The winner in the machines, accessories and components category was Cleanfix for its scrubber dryer robot RA 660 NAVI. The jury voted this product as the winner of the category because the company has worked closely with users over many years to develop a machine that is now in use across Europe - many units have been sold.

The jury was particularly impressed with its navigation system, which uses laser, and its efficiency in mapping rooms, putting in place virtual walls, and ease of use for the operator. And it can clean to the narrowest of corners. In summary, a robotic cleaning machine ready for the real world.

Equipment/tools for cleaning, care and safety was won by Werner & Mertz Professional for its Quick & Easy System for chemical dosing and dispensing. The jury was impressed with the ultimate portability, simplicity and practicality of Quick & Easy. The operator wears the system on a belt and can move from room to room with five different chemicals, interchanging between them quickly and easily. There is no need for installation and the operative does not come into direct contact with the chemical, making it completely safe.

Augmented Reality, Suma Revoflow was the category winner in the cleaning management and training solutions category, as well as taking the overall prize.

Michelle Marshall, editor of ECJ, is chairman of the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2016 jury. She commented: "There were 110 entries in this year's Amsterdam Innovation Award, with products from all parts of the sector being covered. This year was probably the most diverse, and difficult to judge, we have ever seen.

"The most striking observation is the number of new products now being developed that incorporate ‘smart' technology in its various forms - whether it is to save on energy and water use, produce real-time data about staff and cleaning machine fleets or monitor room occupancy in order to streamline cleaning operations. Or indeed to carry out the cleaning operation autonomously, in the case of robots.

"Having said that, we were also impressed with many of the manual cleaning tools and products that are being developed to provide the operative with more ergonomic, sustainable, cost-effective and practical solutions to everyday cleaning challenges. After all, cleaning is still a labour-intensive sector so the evolution of more user-friendly manual methods remains vital."

She concluded: "So many of the products we have seen have been designed with sustainability in mind, both in terms of using less water, energy and chemicals and in the way they are manufactured. Total life cycle impact, and ‘Cradle to Cradle' are terms we are now commonly seeing being put into practice."

The Visitors' Choice prize is awarded to the nominee that is voted as the most innovative by ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam visitors. Kärcher is the winner of the Visitor's Choice Award 2016.


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