Saudi government workers share their bonuses with cleaning staff

1st of April 2015
Saudi government workers share their bonuses with cleaning staff

Street cleaners in the Saudi capital of Riyadh could be forgiven their bemusement when government workers randomly handed out their own bonuses in an open-air ceremony.

The extravagant gesture was made in recognition of the good work achieved by the street cleaners.

The newly-enthroned King Salman, who became king in January, had ordered giant payouts to be made to a large part of the Saudi population. These included bonuses worth two months' salary to all government employees, soldiers, pensioners and students on government stipends.

Municipality chief Khaled Al-Sayyar of the Al-Rawda district of Riyadh announced that he wanted to emulate the open-handed spirit of the 79-year-old king by passing government workers' bonuses on to street cleaners.

"This gesture from the Saudi employees is a recognition of your sincere effort to clean the neighbourhoods you were assigned to take care of," he added to the workers. "We have seen remarkable cleanliness there."

Government employees gave out cheques at random to people of all nationalities who had been employed by the company contracted to undertake maintenance work in the city.

The bonuses were handed over in closed envelopes and a party - attended by workers and passers-by - followed the open-air ceremony.

King Salman has also ordered grants to be paid out to professional associations plus literary and sports clubs.



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