Ryanair is accused of skimping on soap

14th of November 2017
Ryanair is accused of skimping on soap

Angry Ryanair passengers finding no soap in the on-board toilets have taken to Twitter to vent their fury.

The Ireland-based no-frills carrier denies that the soap shortage is part of a deliberate cost-cutting exercise.

Holidaymakers claim they have been unable to wash their hands in the aircraft toilets with Ryanair cabin crew telling them that soap is no longer considered "an essential".

Many criticised the budget airline for failing to provide soap despite serving food, while another said: "So you've run out of soap again...when I run out of soap I go the shop and spend £1 on some - spent over £100 for the flight."

Ian Harman‏ tweeted: "Ryanair great flight back from Bratislava, no soap in the toilets. Disgusting! Thank God I had hand sanitiser!" And Mike Hills said: "New low for Ryanair? No soap in toilet, reported to staff, reply: ‘we don't have soap on this flight'!"

According to a Ryanair spokesman: "These claims are nonsense. All Ryanair aircraft carry soap which is replenished as required." The news comes after a difficult summer for the airline when it received widespread condemnation for cancelling around 700,000 flight bookings along with more than forthcoming 20,000 flights.

Concerns that soap is being considered a luxury item in some quarters are mounting following similar complaints made by Scottish council staff.

Around 200 maintenance workers recently claimed they had been without soap in the toilets for weeks at a facility run by the cash-strapped East Dunbartonshire Council. And one anonymous worker added that the council had at one stage failed to pay its water bill, forcing employees to use bottled water from the vending machines.


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