Public toilets with glass walls

30th of January 2013
Public toilets with glass walls

Thoughtless architects in Brazil have given new meaning to the phrase 'public convenience' after building washrooms in a new arts centre with transparent glass walls.

The in Ponta Grossa, in Brazil's southern state of Parana, was unveiled earlier this month and is covered entirely in glass.

But designers apparently forgot about the toilets, which are on the ground floor and give passers-by an unobstructed view of everything happening inside.

With the toilets facing outwards, anyone in there would look out onto a busy pedestrian walkway used by university students.

Locals are puzzled by the design and wondering if it's a mistake, or meant to be cutting-edge architecture.

The planning secretary for Ponta Grossa, Joao Marcal told Brazil's Globo G1 website that the building 'obviously needs some adjustments' and that the contractor will be responsible for fixing the problem.



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