Principle launches Hybrid Cleaning method

6th of June 2013
Principle launches Hybrid Cleaning method

UK contract cleaning company Principle Cleaning has launched what it claims to be an innovative new method of cleaning called Hybrid Cleaning.

This new process predominately uses a full time workforce and the objective is to offer flexible operation to all the company's clients. Principle says Hybrid is designed to suit individual needs and make cleaning shifts flexible - any work considered to be disruptive by the client in any part of the contract will be done out of core hours.

Benefits include having cleaning staff available if the customer needs them during normal office hours for one-offs/special cleans as typically, flexible shift lengths will be between 0600 and 2200.

The aim is to eliminate the night shift and in doing so decrease staff turnover - ensuring staff are highly motivated, happier, better trained and more productive Principle says.


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