Pillow sanitising machine is aimed at hospitals and hotels

22nd of April 2014
Pillow sanitising machine is aimed at hospitals and hotels

A pillow-sanitising machine that uses ozone to neutralise dust mites, bacteria, viruses, fungi and pollen particles has just been introduced.

The Sanipill machine is aimed at hospitals and other environments where pillows are generally shared. It was launched following a study at St Bart's Hospital in London in which 30 different types of bugs were found in a sample of hospital pillows.

Manufactured by Rack System, the Sanipill machine uses ozone - a natural gas with a high disinfectant power - to eliminate any microorganisms that are impervious to standard pillow-case laundering. The 85 kg machine holds up to four pillows at once and is equipped with wheels for easy transport. And its 72cm width allows it to fit through any standard doorway, according to the company.

Besides healthcare institutions, the Sanipill machine could also be used in hotels to prevent cross-contamination between guests. Each unit can be customised with the hotel's logo. The system is also said to be suitable for use on airlines, cruise ships, resorts, barracks and other environments where pillows and beds are shared by multiple users.

According to Rack Systems the pillows in an average home increase in weight by 30 per cent over a period of two years. This weight increase is made up of dust, dry skin, dandruff, dry sweat and saliva as well as dust mites, mite droppings, bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds.

The Sanipill system is said to be particularly suitable for people suffering from dust mite allergies which can affect the skin and the respiratory tract.




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