PeeSafe aims to make Indian restrooms more women-friendly

22nd of December 2017
PeeSafe aims to make Indian restrooms more women-friendly

An Indian start-up aims to improve health and safety in ladies' toilets with the aid of a new product.

The PeeSafe Sanitised Washroom programme is being launched in a bid to improve hygiene in washrooms across India. It is said to dramatically reduce the numbers of microbes, viruses, fungi and bacteria on toilet seats including the germs that cause urinary tract infections, which is a common ailment among women.

Manufactured by Gurgaon-based health and hygiene start-up Redcliffe Hygiene, PeeSafe is a toilet seat sanitiser spray that is said to kill 99.99 per cent of germs commonly found on toilet seats. Once sprayed it takes just five seconds to become effective, according to the manufactueers.

The company is now encouraging restaurants, hotels, hospitals and offices to make their toilets more women-friendly by supplying the spray as a facility for washroom users.

"Poor sanitation practices are depriving women of the opportunity to make use of publicly-available facilities without any stress about contracting infections such as UTI," says PeeSafe founder Vikas Bagaria. "Through this programme our aim is to enable women to use these restrooms without any worries and offer them complete protection against bathroom-borne diseases."

PeeSafe has sold 500,000 units since its inception in 2015. It has now launched a 300ml bottle format in a bid to tap into the household market and to make the act of sanitising a toilet seat as automatic as washing the hands.


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