Paris metro to get multimillion clean

28th of October 2013
Paris metro to get multimillion clean

Paris' metro system is to have a multimillion euro clean toeradicate bad odours and make the capital's underground system more bearable.

Parisians have long complained about the awful smell wafting through the underground corridors - as well as the litter and general grime. Now Pierre Mongin, head of the RATP group that operates the public bus, metro and overground lines in the Paris area has promised to stop the stench and "guarantee his passengers clean areas and trains throughout the day" with results "visible by all" within 18 months.

He has pledged to invest 70 million euros per year over five years for a major clean-up of the network. From this month there will be 3,400 monthly spot checks by grime inspectors on the daily work of the 1,000 cleaning staff employed by RATP, with bonus points or black marks against them depending on results.

The inspectors will be responsible for upholding a "higher standard" of cleanliness and odour removal in Paris' 1,000 trains and 369 stations.

In the coming two years, the RATP will spend a further 40 million euros on an 'anti-leakage' programme to stop dirty water dripping entering the underground causing clammy air, mouldy walls and slippery floors in around 70 stations.



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