NHS trust uses ‘Gangnam Style' to promote hand hygiene

2nd of July 2013
NHS trust uses ‘Gangnam Style' to promote hand hygiene

A video that shows hospital staff at a North London NHS trust dancing 'Gangnam Style' and singing about the importance of washing the hands effectively has notched up nearly 20,000 YouTube views.

More than 200 members of staff at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals' NHS trust including doctors, nurses, receptionists and porters took part in the trust's "I Can, You Can, We Can" hand hygiene campaign.

Communications manager at Barnet Hospital Salem Hanna rewrote the lyrics of South Korean rapper Psy's Gangnam Style to remind staff, patients and visitors about the importance of washing the hands regularly when in hospital. "Use this handwash style" was the key message of the trust's version of the song which was sung on the video by Hanna along with hospital staff sisters Ekaterina and Christiana Botziou.

The video shows staff dancing enthusiastically to the tune and demonstrating seven key steps to a good hand washing technique. It was filmed in the corridors, patient reception areas, wards and other rooms of the hospital.

"Gangnam Style is a very addictive song," said Hanna. "We've seen people across the country doing versions and we thought we could do better."

The YouTube video was the idea of matron Andrew Daly who treated the screening as a premiere. The hospital buildings were decorated with film posters designed by children on the paediatrics wards, and local supermarkets donated drinks and popcorn.

The video has now gone viral and at the time of writing had had more than 19,000 hits.

Watch it here


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