‘NHS staff at risk from toxic cleaning machines’

12th of August 2019
‘NHS staff at risk from toxic cleaning machines’

A UK firm is denying allegations that one of its cleaning products has caused NHS staff to have nosebleeds and burning eyes.

Hygiene Solutions produces Deprox machines which pump hydrogen peroxide vapour into sealed and empty hospital wards to clean them. But some NHS workers have complained of stinging eyes after entering a room to operate the machines, while others have reported suffering from chest infections and nosebleeds.

According to Hygiene Solutions: "Deprox is designed to provide high-level disinfection to hospital environments to assist in managing outbreaks and reduce the risk of the spread of infection to patients.

"it is a ground-breaking technology that when used correctly has been proven to be safe and effective at reducing infections in hospitals."

Following a four-year investigation into Deprox machines, the Health and Safety Executive has asked Hygiene Solutions to tighten up its safety measures. The firm has been told to either provide hydrogen peroxide monitoring equipment or ensure that customers are fully aware of the associated risks.

Hygiene Solutions was established in King's Lynn, Norfolk, in 2007 and operates in 16 countries.

Hydrogen peroxide vaporisers were first deployed in Singapore hospitals during the 2002 SARS outbreak and were later stocked by a number of US government agencies in preparation for an anthrax attack.

A 2012 study at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland revealed that the method could reduce by 64 per cent the number of patients to be contaminated with any of the most common drug-resistant organisms.


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