New York app allows people to skip the queue in restaurant toilets

24th of November 2017
New York app allows people to skip the queue in restaurant toilets

An app that provides New York citizens and visitors with immediate access to a clean washroom - in exchange for a small fee - has been launched on to the market.

Using GPS technology the Rockaloo app grants anyone access to those toilets in restaurants, cafes, high-end stores and hair salons that are normally reserved for customers only.

People signed up for the app can use their smartphone to find the nearest registered washroom whenever they need one. They can then reserve a slot in their chosen toilet for a fee of between $0.99 and $8.99.

After the e-ticket is delivered to their smartphone they have up to an hour to redeem it. And on showing a member of staff their ticket they will be allowed to jump the queue.

Launched in August, the Rockaloo app has already signed up 130 businesses partners in the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens areas of New York. The founders believe it will be a huge benefit in a city that receives 60 million tourists every year but that offers only 15 public toilets for 8.5million citizens.

Profits from the venture are being split between Rockaloo and its partnering businesses with a proportion going to charity.



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