New Tork packaging aims to help cleaners

10th of May 2012
New Tork packaging aims to help cleaners

Tork manufacturer SCA unveiled a new packaging system designed to make life easier for cleaners and facilities managers at the show.

The Tork Easy Handling system of boxes and plastic packs is claimed to help prevent stress injuries since it is easier to lift and handle than conventional packaging, according to SCA.

"Around one million Tork packages are delivered in Europe every week," said Kristian Grennfelt, packaging development and industrial design centre manager for Tork. "These products arrive at end-customers' premises in packages that must be received, lifted, transported, carried, opened, folded and discarded - and handling the packages can be heavy work.

"Muscular disorders are common among cleaning workers due to repetitive movements, heavy lifting and carrying."

SCA carried out an observational study over a period of four months involving cleaning workers and customers from four European countries. The company then looked at where improvements could be made regarding the cleaning workers' handling of packages.

Tork Easy Handling introduces a number of functions that improve efficiency and ergonomics. New handles allow the cleaner to carry two cardboard boxes at a time - one in each hand - which is more ergonomically sound.

The containers are also easier to open without the use of sharp tools such as scissors or knives and include features for different finger sizes. All the functions have been designed to be as intuitive as possible so that cleaners can easily see and understand them.

"Our analysis of each task has produced a solution that helps to ease the strain on cleaning personnel's backs while also saving them time - which is a good long-term investment as well," said Grennfelt.



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