New gadget scents when toilets need cleaning

1st of June 2016
New gadget scents when toilets need cleaning

A device that can measure odour levels in the loo has been successfully trialled in public washrooms in Singapore.

The Restroom Visitilizer System is claimed to be able to improve cleaning efficiency and reduce labour costs.

The system, developed by engineers from Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research, uses sensors to assess the levels of ammonia - present in urine - as well as hydrogen sulphide, which is found in faeces. The system then alerts maintenance staff as to when the toilets are likely to need cleaning.

Dennis Quek from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research says public toilets are typically cleaned at regular intervals several times a day regardless of how frequently they are used. Some cleaning firms also act on complaints - many of which are about smells, he adds.

"The new technology offers a ‘clean on demand' option that allows supervisors to deploy resources more efficiently," said Quek.

Washrooms using the system can demonstrate a 30 per cent improvement in manpower productivity, according to the Agency. "One cleaner can take care of more toilets - some of which aren't so heavily used - without having to walk around to physically check the toilets."

The system has been trialled in more than 60 Singapore venues over the past two years including the food court of the National University Hospital Kopitiam. A spokesman described the gadget as a convenient way of obtaining real-time information on usage and odour levels.

"This is essential for the deployment of toilet cleaners and it also helps to monitor the amount of time they need to clean up, especially during periods of heavy usage," he said. "And it helps us to become more efficient and enjoy cost savings on labour."


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