Nanocoat to kill germs on frequently-touched surfaces

1st of February 2012
Nanocoat to kill germs on frequently-touched surfaces

A nanocoating designed to destroy cold and flu germs on frequently-touched surfaces has just been launched at a leading electronics exhibition.

XTI-Mobile Active-Shield, a transparent coating made from 99.5 per cent pure water plus titanium dioxide, was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, USA, last month.

Visitors to the show were told how XTI-Mobile Active-Shield can protect surfaces such as keyboards, computer mice, mobile phones and tablets from spreading germs to users.

According to research carried out at the University of Arizona, a typical computer peripheral houses 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. In a second study, Dr Birgit Winther at the University of Virginia found that cold viruses can stay alive on remote controls and telephones for up to 18 hours.

"Surfaces are far more important than we ever imagined in the spread of colds," said Winther.

XTI-Mobile Active-Shield manufacturers XTI add that the nanocoating can also be used on a range of everyday surfaces such as walls, carpets, curtains and household appliances. Other recommended areas of application include healthcare environments, public transport, offices and cinemas.

The XTI-Mobile Active-Shield nanocoating is said to destroy cold viruses, E.coli and MRSA bacteria plus other germs transmitted via frequently-touched devices. Tests on coated materials such as ceramics, ABS-plastic and fabrics are said to have shown the substance to have a germ-killing power of 99.999 per cent.

And the XTI-Mobile Active-Shield nanocoating is both long-lasting and safe to use, claims XTI.

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