More public toilets closed during latest UK lockdown

18th of March 2021
More public toilets closed during latest UK lockdown

Around 100 UK more toilets have been closed to the public during the current nationwide lockdown than in the last one.

This was revealed by Lockdown Loo, a website set up to track public washrooms and highlight those that have remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A total of 450 UK toilets have been temporarily closed since January 5 compared with 350 during the November lockdown, according to the site. And this number could be even higher since many closed toilets are going unreported.

Lockdown Loo was set up in May 2020 by brothers Thomas and Charles Riley. "It is astounding that nearly a year into this crisis, councils have not learned that toilets are crucial services," said Tom Riley.

"Closing toilets does not only keep millions at home, it also impacts on essential workers."

The site claims to have been inundated with reports of toilet closures over recent weeks and is urging councils to reopen them. Closed toilets make life difficult for people when heading out for their daily exercise, according to the site.

The creators of Lockdown Loo claim to be proactively monitoring updates from councils and speaking to businesses regarding access to washroom facilities.

More than 5,400 toilets are now listed on Lockdown Loo's interactive map. The crowdsourced website, which receives more than a million visitors per month, relies on input from the public.

And besides pointing out those washrooms that remain open, the site also indicates how often these facilities are cleaned where possible.


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