Mobile foam cleaner sanitises phones and tablets

25th of July 2013
Mobile foam cleaner sanitises phones and tablets

A new foam cleaner designed to eliminate bacteria and viruses from much-handled mobiles phones and tablets has been launched by a German company.

NoBacs is aimed at schools, universities, government agencies and other institutions where mobile devices tend to be shared. It comes in a small canister that can be carried around in the pocket, handbag or briefcase and is said to kill harmful germs in less than a minute.

"Our product is geared towards hygiene-conscious smartphone and tablet users on the move who would like to combat this underestimated form of transmitting germs," said Peter Hellings, CEO of NoBacs manufacturer IPS Gifts and Product Service.

Studies have shown that bacteria and viruses can be found in large numbers on smartphones and tablets, says Hellings. He adds that traditional cleaners are often too abrasive and could damage the sensitive surfaces of expensive equipment.

Unlike traditional disinfectant sprays, says Hellings, the NoBacs aerosol foam will not penetrate microphones, speakers or other device openings. The product is also said to be safe to use on eyeglasses, monitors and keyboards.

"Because it is a virus and bacteria-fighting cleansing foam, NoBacs is suitable for use in clinical environments as well," he says.

The product is available to buy via the company's website.



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