Malta cleaning contractors 'cannot afford to pay hourly rate'

21st of May 2014
Malta cleaning contractors 'cannot afford to pay hourly rate'

The Malta Cleaning Contractors Association (MCCA) has called on the government to issue a clarification over the minimum rates of tendering, arguing that the quoted 5.78 euros hourly rate for cleaning and security tenders is wrongly increasing employees' expectations.

The level of salaries paid out in the cleaning and security sectors was cause for concern for trades unions who claimed government contracts were being awarded to companies paying less than the minimum wage.

While distinguishing between the costs incurred by the cleaning sector and those incurred by the security sector, the MCCA argued that if the hourly rate were to be implemented, the sector would not be able to cover wages.

"Together with all the other employment-related costs and administrative expenses, the cleaning industry, as it is today, would not be able to pay such increases," it said.

In addition, the MCCA called on the government to issue a clarification, as operators were given to understand that no tender for cleaning and security services would be accepted at a wage rate of less than 5.78 euros per hour.

"This figure has somehow increased employees' expectations that they are to be paid 5.78 euros per hour," the MCCA said while insisting that recent public pronouncements are being misinterpreted.

Consequently, it said, a clarification is necessary and that prior to making any declarations, it should have been consulted.



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