Life after Lockdown - How can you stay ahead of hygiene?

26th of November 2020
Life after Lockdown - How can you stay ahead of hygiene?

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86% of Brits said they would avoid a location if they didn't think it was Covid secure

As England battles with the impact of a second lockdown and the promise of getting back to ‘normal' with a vaccine on the horizon, how can your business stay ahead of hygiene standards now and in the coming wake of Covid-19?

Following research into perceptions and behaviours after the first lockdown, Kimberly-Clark ProfessionalTM has introduced the 360° Hygiene & Protection programme to help businesses get back on their feet by restoring confidence in employees, customers and visitors that it is safe to return.

The survey showed that confidence amongst consumers was low and there is fear and anxiety about visiting ‘away from home' locations, at the same time businesses are trying to get back on their feet. The research conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Kimberly-Clark ProfessionalTM to discover how people really felt about returning to life after lockdown showed that 86% said they would avoid a public location if they didn't think it was Covid secure* and that 80% of consumers are now more aware of hygiene practices when outside the home*.

"After two lockdowns, businesses have to take responsibility for keeping everyone safe and staying up to date with the latest hygiene protocols whilst getting their business back on track," said Olena Neznal, Vice President, Kimberly-Clark ProfessionalTM EMEA. "It is clear that hygiene is staying top of the business agenda, therefore only those which win the confidence of their staff, customers and visitors will thrive."

As life starts to return to ‘normal', some foodservice establishments will reopen at a critical time for restaurants, cafes and pubs. According to the research, 62% show concern about using the toilets in restaurants, so what do people need to feel safe? The enforcement of social distancing is wanted by 68% of respondents; 65% wanted the provision of hand sanitiser at key points; 64% wanted the provision of hygienic hand washing and toilet facilities; 61% wanted to see that a washroom is clean; and 57% would like cleaning and disinfecting procedures clearly communicated.

Confidence around washroom cleanliness stood out in the research as pivotal to businesses with 71% saying that they would avoid a public washroom if it wasn't up to hygiene standards. Three in four (77%) thought the condition of the washroom was a reflection of how much the establishment cares about its customers/visitors*, while equally 75% thought the condition of the washroom is a reflection of the hygiene standards for the rest of the establishment*.

"These findings are crucial in guiding our support for businesses to embed the right hygiene practices and protocols for workplaces by using the correct product solutions," said Olena Neznal. We can help to change the behaviour of customers and staff, by promoting the importance of good hand hygiene and surface wiping which are key factors in reducing the spread of germs."

Get back confidence, get back to business

The Kimberly-Clark ProfessionalTM 360° Hygiene & Protection programme helps businesses get back on track and restore confidence, by demonstrating they are keeping premises safe.

The 360° programme offers individual site support by providing a free virtual hygiene walk, bookable through our microsite
to review a facility and provide expert guidance on cleaning and hygiene protocols. The next stage is to recommend the correct hand hygiene and surface wiping solutions to tackle key hygiene hotspots. Objects such as door handles, sink fixtures, food preparation areas, tables and stair rails are hotspots that are touched by many throughout the day and need frequent cleaning and disinfection to help break the chain in germ transmission.

Finally, Kimberly-Clark ProfessionalTM promotes hygienic workplace practices by providing communication tools to help create awareness, which is a vital part of making people feel safe.

"Reassuring customers and employees with visible hygiene actions has never been more important," said Olena Neznal. "Kimberly-Clark ProfessionalTM is the expert in workplace hygiene and is championing the need for hygiene to take centre-stage. We have produced in-depth guides for each industry and selected the most appropriate products for every situation, offering a virtual hygiene consultation to ensure the right solution for your business."

* Source: How has COVID-19 affected perceptions of cleanliness and hygiene? Harris Interactive on behalf of Kimberly-Clark; July 2020. UK n=1,097



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