Kimberly-Clark promotes healthy workplaces

1st of August 2011
Kimberly-Clark promotes healthy workplaces

Kimberly-Clark has launched The Healthy Workplace Project, an initiative designed to show facilities managers how taking steps to eradicate germs from the office environment could cut absenteeism and raise staff productivity levels.

The company says it will offer companies advice and practical support to enable them to install hygiene systems around the workplace and to inspire staff to use them regularly. Businesses who sign up to the project will be offered the opportunity to receive a comprehensive assessment of their working environment, from reception desks to individual workstations. Kimberly-Clark Professional will then make tailored recommendations on where to place its products - such as hand sanitisers and desk wipes.

Also included is a pack comprising stickers, posters and other material carrying information and messages about workplace hygiene. The aim is to encourage long-term positive change in staff behaviour.

There is also a dedicated website at offering guidance on implementing healthy workplace initiatives and on how to best engage with staff to communicate the benefits of workplace hygiene.Richard Millard, office building segment manager, EMEA at Kimberly-Clark Professional said: "Recent research shows, most illness-based absence from the workplace is caused by colds, flus and stomach upsets. The number of germs present on the average desk is 400 times greater than that found on the average toilet seat, while bacteria such as the influenza virus can live on surfaces them for 24 to 48 hours.

"Fortunately, engaging directly with staff to enable them to see the benefits of changing their workplace hygiene habits for the better can significantly reduce and help prevent the spreading of these germs."

He continued: "To make an impact on overall health and wellbeing in the workplace, many things have to be considered within a comprehensive programme, such as which products are required, where they should be placed and how it is possible to encourage staff to use them."

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