Japanese 'smart pants' device predicts when you need to visit the toilet

23rd of October 2015
Japanese 'smart pants' device predicts when you need to visit the toilet

A Japanese company has unveiled a device that alerts the wearer in advance when they will need to go to the toilet.

Dfree, which could be on the market next year, is designed to predict imminent bowel movements and give users a 10-minute warning before one is likely to take place.

"Dfree uses ultrasonic waves to monitor the wearer's internal organs and then sends data to their smartphone," said Ryohei Ochiai from developers Triple W Japan.

The device detects any movement or swelling in the user's intestines via sensors. It also records the wearer's bowel movements throughout the day to provide accurate notifications linked to their daily habits.

The company is currently working on ways of securing the device to the wearer's underwear using tapes or belts.

Unveiled at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies in Tokyo, Dfree is designed to appeal to Japan's growing number of elderly residents. The country's population is aging faster than that of any other developed country with 40 per cent predicted to be aged 65 or above by 2060.

The device could also prove useful for people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility who may need extra time to find an accessible toilet. And Triple W Japan claims Dfree could eventually be used as a toilet-training aid for babies and toddlers.



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