Interclean Amsterdam Online - updated programme announced

21st of October 2020
Interclean Amsterdam Online - updated programme announced

Interclean Amsterdam Online, which takes place from November 3-6, will feature a comprehensive programme of content says organiser RAI Amsterdam. Here's how the schedule looks:

November 3

The Future of Facility Management
Speaker(s): Richard van Hooijdonk, Trendwatcher and Futurist

On Tuesday November 3rd trendwatcher and futurist Richard van Hooijdonk will take facilty managers on a journey to the world of tomorrow. What will the world look like in 2030? What is the impact of new technology on our way of living, working and entrepreneurship? With COVID-19 the world has already changed due to the "new reality". What does this entail and how can organisations successfully adapt?

The all new nLite - The game changer for cleaning with pure water

Das völlig neue nLite - Der Game Changer für die Reinigung mit Reinwasser (session in German only)

Can VR make hospitals safer?
Speaker(s): Jenny Logenius, Global Brand Innovation Manager Tork at Essity Hygiene and Health AB

Hand hygiene is the #1 way to prevent Heathcare Associated Infections (HAIs). However, reaching perfect compliance seems almost impossible. Can VR training for hospital staff make the difference? Join this session to discover Tork VR Clean Hands Training- winner of this year's Interclean Innovation Award.

Developments in China market
Speaker(s): Simon Ding, Managing Director RAI China
RAI China will give you the ins and outs on how to do business in China.

Cleaning up the myths about Lithium batteries - Why you should make the switch
Speaker(s): Andreas Paul, Senior Business Development Manager EMEA Inventus Power
Oliver Bald, Senior Business Development Manager EMEA - Inventus Power

Lithium-ion batteries are just too expensive. Right? Wrong! Choosing the right Lithium-ion batteries means: lowest overall cost, longest cycle life and peace of mind. Join our live session to get the facts about Lithium-ion batteries for Professional Cleaning applications, explore how your business can benefit from the technology and learn why not all Lithium-ion batteries are created equal.

How to secure the new hygiene standard in the new normal?
Speaker(s): Anna Königson Koopmans, Marketing Director Commercial, Essity Hygiene and Health AB
Carolyn Berland, Global Brand Innovation Manager, Essity Hygiene and Health AB

Hygiene expectations have increased dramatically, and facility managers are working hard to create clean and hygienic spaces. The stakes are high, and facilities now need to do more, sometimes with less resources. Tork shares research and guidance to secure the new hygiene standard.

Wecoline for a clean world with new sustainable cleaning concepts
Speaker(s): Dannique Nijboer, Account Manager Wecoline
Gerben Derkman, International Account Manager Wecoline

The goal of Wecoline is to contribute to a clean world. That is why we are always working on developments in our product range to ensure that daily cleaning with Wecoline products is sustainable. Our Wecoline account managers are happy to give you all information about the latest sustainable developments. So is our entire microfibre range now certified with the Nordic Ecolabel. How ensures this certification sustainability and what advantages do you notice in your daily cleaning tasks? And another important topic is how can you reduce the number of microplastics on a daily basis? Let's start today with working together on a clean world.

FIE Segment Offices: Case Topdesk
Speaker(s): Renske van der Heide, Facility Evangelist, TOPdesk

Renske van der Heide, Facility Evangelist at TOPdesk shares how TOPdesk matched their corporate culture with the design of their new office and facility services, including cleaning. She also presents her vision on the impact of the new reality on TOPdesk's office environment. What does this require of the facility organization, which solutions has TOPdesk applied and what challenges do they still face? And how does this affect cooperation with ICT and HR?

Hydropower - Pure water for everyone

How to make more impact with cleaning
Speaker(s): Patricia Vermeulen - Director Amref Flying Doctors Machiel van Dooren - Founder Made Blue

More and more clients select their suppliers for social involvement and sustainability. How can you distinguish yourself as a supplier in a crowded market?
That's easier than you might think. Companies such as Vebego, ICE Robotics, Tennant and CWS already know this. They are collaborating with Made Blue Foundation in the One liter for One liter program. In that program they convert their water consumption or water savings into the same amount of liters of clean drinking water in developing countries, tangible and guaranteed.

Amref Flying Doctors is a major beneficiary of the Made Blue Foundation and is happy to highlight this collaboration as a best case. Amref is hosting this session and interviews co-founder Machiel van Dooren of Made Blue and several participating companies about this collaboration.
How exactly does it work for the companies and what are the benefits? And how are the funds spent in an impactful and transparent manner? You will hear it in this webinar.

Boost your company's innovative capacity
Speaker(s): Marcel Passier, Business Development Director PRP Solutions
Mark Robson, Business Development Director PRP Solutions

Current market circumstances boosted innovation for us, we would like to give you some insight in our development and philosophy and share opportunities.

Contributing to the EU Green Deal and the global UN Sustainable Development Goals: A.I.S.E.'s Charter for Sustainable Cleaning
Speaker(s): Sascha Nissen, Director of Sustainability, A.I.S.E.
Lina Dunauskiene, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager, A.I.S.E.

Launched in 2004, the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning is A.I.S.E.'s flagship initiative driving best practice in sustainable development, in line with the SDGs and EU policy objectives. The aim is to encourage the whole of the industry to undertake continuous improvement and to engage consumers and customers. Building on the success and achievements since 2004, Charter 2020+ has brought a big upgrade of the initiative: the optimised Charter is even more relevant and comprehensive, also with an ambitious policy on packaging use as well as cross-referencing to A.I.S.E. industry guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility and the use of bio-based material.

Professional Users and Safe Use Mixture Information (SUMIs)
Speaker(s): Giulia Sebastio. Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Manager, A.I.S.E.

Facilitating the training and skill professional users of cleaning and maintenance products is key to ensuring safe use. This is key also in the fulfilment of the complex obligations of REACH and OSH legislation. For this purpose of supporting companies in this task, A.I.S.E. has developed the SUMIs, Safe Use of Information Documents. If you are a company in the PC&H cleaning sector, join us to learn: What these tools involve? Why are they relevant? And how can they be used practically by you and your customers?

November 4

COVID - 19 and healthcare environmental hygiene
Dr. Didier Pittet will give insight on the burden of disease & current issues in the hospital

Healthcare-associated infections are responsible for millions of deaths every year and affect hundreds of millions of patients. During a pandemic, the situation becomes even more dire, as attention is shifted to the emergency at hand, often at a high cost to patents and healthcare workers.

COVID-19 has tested healthcare facilities around the world. Healthcare environmental hygiene is a crucial building block in slowing this pandemic and preventing SARS CoV-2 from being spread during the delivery of healthcare. Though the pandemic has greatly increased focus on social distancing, hand hygiene and wearing masks, environmental hygiene is an often-neglected aspect of infection prevention. It is crucial to maintain our focus on a safer healthcare environment in order to keep patients and nurses safe.

How can we measure quality and why does it matter?
Dr. Pierre Parneix will go in to depth on how to measure quality

Providing patients with a safe healthcare environment is essential for their safety and well- being. This means that the healthcare environment must be appropriately cleaned and disinfected when and where needed. In order to be able to designate an area as safe, we need quality assessment methods and standards to define targets and acceptable levels of contamination or soil.

How we measure quality of disinfection has a direct impact on what we know about the safety of an area, and even the trust and relationships institutions have with their staff and healthcare workers. Post-discharge cleaning and high-touch surfaces management remain the main targets of infection control teams in their efforts to limit cross-contamination. How institutions decide to measure quality of environmental hygiene will have a direct impact on cleaning staff, healthcare workers, and patients.

Doing business in India
Speaker(s): Mohana M, Editor-Clean India Journal, Director-Conferences & Broadcasting - Virtual Info Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Brought to you by Clean India

The main factor to economic progress is making the country business friendly. And if India has occupied a place in the top 10 improvers in the list of Ease of Doing Business. The Cleaning Industry can definitely gain from this perception of the country's capacity to drive business and reforms.

FIE Segment Warehouses
Speaker(s): tbc

How can data-driven cleaning secure the new hygiene standard?
Speaker(s): Speaker(s): Anna Königson Koopmans, Marketing Director Commercial, Essity Hygiene and Health AB

Higher than ever cleaning standards are calling for new ways of working. How do you deal with increased demands without more cleaning staff? Join this session to learn how data-driven cleaning and real-time insights help you drive more efficient cleaning routines and boost quality. Explore the benefits of working with Tork EasyCube® and Tork Digital Cleaning Plans - a nominee of this year's Interclean Innovation Award.

What will hand hygiene look like in the new normal?
Speaker(s): Speaker(s): Anna Königson Koopmans, Marketing Director Commercial, Essity Hygiene and Health AB
Carolyn Berland, Global Brand Innovation Manager, Essity Hygiene and Health AB

Today's events shape tomorrow's requirements. The general public are more aware than ever of health risks due to insufficient hygiene. What are the new requirements for hand hygiene in public buildings? Ensure your visitors feel safe. Join this session to learn what your visitors have to say about it in a recent global survey.

FIE: Consumatics Neuromarketing
Speaker(s) :Anna Casemier, Managing partner, Consumatics

Anna Casemier explains the influence of the subconscious mind on the experience of facility services. In particular, the focus is on the impact of the Corona crisis on our sense of security. What are factors that play a role in the safety experience and how can Facility Management respond to this.

The Recycle Factory: This is how we close the loop
Speaker(s): Laurens Metternich, CEO, Spectro B.V.

At Spectro, we believe in being mindful of how we use raw materials and used materials. That's why we have established the Recycle Factory. Thanks to this initiative, customers can return the empty plastic packaging from your cleaning agents to us, so that we can reuse or recycle them into new packaging for cleaning agents.

Selecting hygiene products in a pandemic: the importance of formulation
Speaker(s): Dr Jim Arbogast, Hygiene Sciences and Public Health Advancements Vice President, GOJO Industries, Inc.

Hand sanitiser has become the most in-demand product of 2020, with soap not far behind. But what has this pandemic taught us about the importance of product formulation, and its impact on effective hand hygiene?

Dr Jim Arbogast will examine how GOJO's focus on ‘formulation without compromise' drives innovation and helps strike a balance between antimicrobial efficacy, safety, user experience and outcomes.

CINET Global Best Practices Award: Case Pitches
Speaker(s): CINET- International Committee of Textile Care

Hosted by CINET, the global umbrella association for the professional textile care industry- The Global Best Practices Awards (GBPAP) 2020 will showcase extraordinary professional laundry & dry cleaning showcases around the world. Participants will be promoting key issues of Professional Textile Care, with special attention to new business models after Corona, focussing on sustainability, hygiene and digitization. Today, 45 companies will pitch their best practice to an online jury of their peers.

Pitch Presentations Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC)
Pitch Presentations Retail Textile Cleaning - Big (RTC -B):
Franchise and platform companies
Pitch Presentations Industrial Textile Services (ITS)

The operations and mobile fulfilment software for building service
Speaker(s): Elsa Cordonnier, CPO - SoniQ Services
Jaqueline Panhorst, Account Management - SoniQ Services
Florian Spreemann, Product Operations Manager - SoniQ Services

[SQ] ONE starts where your ERP system ends - with your employees. The team from SoniQ Services will show you how to support your entire cleaning operations digitally to communicate 10x faster with your employees, reduce 20% of your costs and save you a good amount of 30% of your time.

Amsterdam Innovation Award: Visitor Choice
Speaker(s): tbc
Find out which innovation was most voted for by your peers in the industry at the Interclean Visitors' Choice Award.

November 5

Creating a Clean Start for Facilities: Your Role as Confidence Creator
Speaker(s): Dianna Steinbach - Vice president international services, ISSA - The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association

Communities and businesses must plan to co-exist with SARS-COV2 for the foreseeable future. Yet facility decision makers are gripped by uncertainty as they try to plan not just to reopen, but to remain open, through fluctuating circumstances in 2021. Become their critical partner as they face requests to create protection protocols with no infection prevention experience, often with the same or smaller budgets. ISSA, the global cleaning association, will share tools you need to help facility managers confidently and responsibly create the right cleaning plans, and craft the best message to help their stakeholders feel comfortable to continue routines safely.

Smart Hygiene, the tomorrow's trend
Speaker(s): Bertille David, Customer Process Manager - JVD
François DU JONCHAY, Business Development Manager - JVD

The 2020 year brings a new hygiene behavior requested by both the individuals and organizations.

Measuring, alerting, reporting and managing key parameters like sanitizing gel availability, number of persons, allows operators to avoid bad situation, the plan work and anticipate logistic tasks. Discover the 1st complete Smart Cleaning solution, HygiaConnect. A necessary step into the high quality standard definition.

FIE Segment Retail
peaker(s): tbc
Brought to you by ccs Retail

PolVita, Probiotic cleaning that protects
Speaker(s): Annelies De Meulenaere, Marketing & Communications Director, Pollet
Christophe Maisonneuve, Vice President Business Development, Pollet
Guillaume Bret, R&D and Purchasing Director, Pollet

PolVita is an innovating probiotic cleaning concept that enables you to protect your environment.
Polvita cleaning products contain billions of useful bacteria that take all corners and edges of a surface, to create a natural, protective microflora. They also ensure efficient and continuous cleaning and eliminate bad smells. As a result, you get a cleaner space and improved well-being!
The unique PolVita technology is patented, and the PolVita products are 100% ecological and safe. The benefits of the PolVita bacteria have been the focus of major research.

Are your cleaning staff prepared to secure safe care environments?
Speaker(s): Tom Bergin, Marketing Director- Healthcare, Essity Professional Hygiene

In a healthcare system under pressure, keeping the healthcare environment clean and safe is a top priority - making cleaning staff the first line of defense. Join this session to learn more about how training and education is critical in reducing contamination in healthcare environments.

CWS smartMate digital washroom solution: your reliable partner for an uninterrupted everyday hygiene
Speaker(s): Annetta Lust Head of Digital Business Solutions Hygiene - CWS

Are you interested in improving of your janitorial team's productivity, avoid consumables shortage while boosting sustainability in washrooms? CWS's smartMate allows you to do all of it from your smartphone, tablet or PC thanks to the new Iot system. Register for our Innovation Stage live presentation to find out more about our Digital Washroom Solution.

FIE: Startup Pitches
Speaker(s): various

Is there a sustainability business case in our industry?
Speaker(s): Asa Degerman, Business Development Manager, Essity Hygiene and Health AB Susan Iliefski Janols, Vice President Sustainability Products & Services, Essity Hygiene and Health AB

Join this session to learn how we put sustainability into action for our customers by closing the loop for paper hand towels, reaching both business and sustainability targets.

A New Decade of Clean
Speaker(s): John Goetz, Global Product Manager, Hydro Systems
Matt Hayas, Global Product Manager - Hydro Systems

2020 isn't just the beginning of a new decade - it's the year that changed the way we clean. In the wake of coronavirus, facility managers and building service contractors have been tasked with maintaining a higher level of clean, often times under budget and resource constraints. This session will highlight new, innovative and low-cost chemical dispensing options from Hydro Systems that help users clean with confidence.

It will also discuss:
- Best practices for cleaning high touch surfaces, linens and dishware
- Properly diluting disinfectants and cleaning chemicals
- Strategies to achieve cleaning accuracy and efficacy

CINET Global Best Practices Award: Award Show
Speaker(s): CINET- International Committee of Textile Care

Hosted by CINET, the global umbrella association for the professional textile care industry- The Global Best Practices Awards (GBPAP) 2020 will showcase extraordinary professional laundry & dry cleaning showcases around the world. Participants will be promoting key issues of Professional Textile Care, with special attention to new business models after Corona, focussing on sustainability, hygiene and digitization. In this exciting Ceremony, the Winners of this year's Awards will be announced.

• Official GBPAP2020 Ceremony
• CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Award, Lifetime Award and Country Awards
• Global Awards Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC) (Sustainability Award, Innovation Award, Overall Best Practices Award) and Industrial Textile Services (ITS) (Sustainability Award, Innovation Award, Overall Best Practices Award)

Connected Cleaning - 2020 State of the Industry
Speaker(s): Alexander Manafi, CEO & Co-Founder, ToolSense
The cleaning industry is getting digitized.

While today the era of connected cleaning & connected machines is still in the beginning, there is a big interest from cleaning companies about brand-independent IoT solutions to digitize their fleet, automate manual processes in their operations and save cost.
Furthermore cleaning equipment manufacturers are looking towards new, flexible business models such as "pay-per-use", a digitization of customer experience as well as automating processes in their customer service & after-sales.

So: What is state of the art today? Where are still the challenges? And where is the industry going?

November 6

The latest private label tissue products by Megall
Speaker(s): Yandong Ma, Sales/ Marketing - Megall Industries (Qingdao) Limited

High bulk TAD towel
Tree free straw pulp tissue products
Disposable straw pulp tablewares

CINET Laundry Conference
Speaker(s): CINET- International Committee of Textile Care

11:00- 11:45
Paneldiscussion: Future of digitalization and Robotization
Moderator: Paul Harleman -Member of the technical commission VSR

Coronapoof Cleaning
Moderator: Ronald Bruins
Blok 1 - Theorie: NVZ en CTGB
Blok 2 - Praktijk: Leverancier desinfectie + schoonmaakbedrijf

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